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1Modulo offers the best quality at very competitive rates. Here is an overview of our lowest and highest rates. You can choose your final rate by following the 3 steps below; you can benefit from great discounts when selecting your prefered schedule, the number of lessons to study or by deciding to study in a group.
The default rate is for one private, one-to-one lesson on a fix schedule. (50 minutes)

Languages Minimum Maximum
English ฿ 825 ฿ 1,100
Chinese ฿ 750 ฿ 950
French ฿ 825 ฿ 1,045
Thai ฿ 600 ฿ 760
Japanese ฿ 825 ฿ 1,045

Choose your discounts

Lessons discount

2Do you like discounts? We love discounts! We will remove your choice of lesson package from the maximum base rate listed above. The more you study, the more you save.

Lessons Discount
30+ lessons Save 5%
60+ lessons Save 10%
120+ lessons Save 15%
Schedule discount

3You would like to save even more? No problem! You could also receive discounts from the maximum base rate by studying during our special time periods.

Schedule Discount
Weekends (Regular) -
Weekdays (Gold) Save 5%
Afternoons 12 to 5pm (Platinum) Save 10%

Other languages

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Choose your class size

+ Each extra student costs only 100 baht per lesson! It's up to you to decide what's best for you! We give you unmatched flexibility when it comes to selecting the best program, the perfect schedule and the ideal class size.

1 student
2 students
3 students
4-8 students
Included 100 ฿ 200 ฿ 300 ฿

Benefit from 0% financing

Start learning today and complete your payments over 3, 6 or 9 months using our 0% financing options provided through our partners SCB and Kasikorn.


1 student
The fastest way to improve. You choose what you want to study and when you want to study. The course is adapted specially for you to ensure maximum learning.


2 students
With Duo, you can improve quickly and the focus is shared between you and your class buddy. You both can decide on the course content and choose the schedule together.


3 students
This affordable format still offers a good amount of speaking time and the teachers can still manage to adapt their teaching to the style of each student.


4-8 students
Group classes are a fun and economical way to improve your English in a more social context while still benefiting from the skills and experience of our Modulo teachers.


English Classes

Private classes are an ideal and highly effective way for individual students to rapidly learn English and focus on areas that are of particular interest to them. You can study at your own pace. You progress much more quickly in the short-term.

30 lessons


  • Platinum
  • 28,050 ฿ or 9,350 ฿ / month
  • ... in the Afternoon

  • Gold
  • 29,700 ฿ or 9,900 ฿ / month
  • ... on Weekdays

  • Regular
  • 31,350 ฿ or 10,450 ฿ / month
  • ... on the Weekends
120 lessons

Elite course

  • Platinum
  • 99,000 ฿ or 11,000 ฿ / month
  • ... in the Afternoon

  • Gold
  • 105,600 ฿ or 11,733 ฿ / month
  • ... on Weekdays

  • Regular
  • 112,200 ฿ or 12,467 ฿ / month
  • ... on the Weekends
60 lessons


  • Platinum
  • 52,800 ฿ or 8,800 ฿ / month
  • ... in the Afternoon

  • Gold
  • 56,100 ฿ or 9,350 ฿ / month
  • ... on Weekdays

  • Regular
  • 59,400 ฿ or 9,900 ฿ / month
  • ... on the Weekends

Peace of mind

We offer maximum payment convenience at all times.


The simple, traditional way to go.

Bank transfer

From your bank's counter, ATM or online.

Credit card

No extra fee charged, no matter the card.

Monthly payments

Very flexible and 0% interest rate.

Flexible schedule

We understand

We want to offer you as much flexibility as possible. Busy at work? Special project at university? We will try and make it work for you.

Flexible scheduling

It's possible for you to choose our Flex schedule option to get even more flexibility when it comes to scheduling, 7 days a week, all year long.

Easy modifications

The Flex schedule allows our students to cancel or postpone often as they want simply by calling us before 3 pm the day before.

















在 Modulo, 用合理的价钱,你接受到的是质量最好的语言教育. 没有隐形费用!





Modulo 是一个高端整体的语言学校,我们不仅教学生语言,我们同时还教学生更多。 您想要的和你需要的永远是我们关注的中心。 我们在个性化课程制定,高质量的教学内容方面是唯一及出名于业内的。这些都让我们成为泰国一流的语言教育学校。

Video Learning

Modulo "Let's Talk"

With Let's Talk, you can improve your language skills from the comfort of your home

Anytime, anywhere

You're not in Bangkok? Is travelling to one of our branches not a convenient option for you? If so, don't worry. Modulo doesn't just deliver the best lessons in the classroom, we also offer the best online video distance learning lessons.

Learn at your own pace and practice with highly-trained native-speaking teachers.

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